rolling stone - july 2000
angel blood review 

'abby's road'

seductive rapture from local chamber popsters.
don't be thrown by the power pop rush of 'sonic'; the rest of leonardo's bride's second l.p. nuzzles gently
into the soft and sexy groove of their languorous blockbuster 'even when i'm sleeping'. once again abby dobson's curiously arousing sulk sinks into dean manning's slow release melodies like a body into a scented bath, her yearning tone perfect for the sentiments of 'everybody wants to take you home' and 'let me come over'. only 'sleepyhead' manages a genuine bad attitude but even at their prettiest [dreamship & blue gone green], there's a sadness to leonardo's tunes that perfectly offsets their sweet strings. 7/10.
best tracks - 'let me come over', 'sleepyhead', 'sonic'.

michael dwyer.