daily news, new york - march 24, 1991
live review

everyone working behind a desk living the 9-5 world dreams at least once of living the lives that dean manning and abby dobson have led for the last year.
the couple put aside their jobs in australia to become traveling minstrels on guitar and harmonica have made new york their temporary home. they appear 6pm tonight at the angry squire, 9pm tomorrow at o'lonnies. the music is all acoustic, mostly original and startlingly beautiful. a typical set is a blend of folk ballads with strong harmonies, upbeat pop with a faint rock edge, and standards from around the world.

a year ago this month they began writing songs and began a european tour a month later. 'in europe we played in some great places with chandeliers and beautiful stuff like that, and in some real out-of-the-way places', manning said. 'we've played in every conceivable kind of venue, ballrooms, barns and bars'. additional shows - tues at yaffa cafe [97 st marks pl] wed at cafe 112 [b'way bet 112 & 113 sts].