drum media - 22.6.94
live review 

kinselas 22.6.94
grunge may come and acid jazz may go but there'll always be a place for pure clean[ish] pop. enter leonardo's bride, a five piece with a pop heart so big that victor chang [may he rest in peace] would have shown more than a passing interest in.

mind you, i'm standing in a former funeral palour, it's mid week, it's late, there's a pair of candelabras blazing at the front of the stage and a mirror balls that threatens to spin into action at any second. yet the 'bride [if i dare be so informal] rise above all this, with their predominately acoustic guitar, upright bass and jaunty keyboards approach to this crazy little thing called pop. out front is a glimmering female vision in gold, with a sturdy set of tonsils that would be the envy of many of our more reknown songstresses [no names, no pack drill - but you know who you are] while her consort in melody on guitar [mandolin etc] would look just as much at home in some seattle outfit as he does here [the big haired look i believe it's called]. but unlike most of those sonic charlatans, he displays enviable multi-instrumentalist skills. it's not all just feel good pop though, as they stir dashes of gospel, grunge and folkiness into the musical brew.

these might be early days and the groundswell is only just, erm, swelling, but with echos of the plums' melodic melancholia and lashings of pop savvy, leonardo's bride could turn out to be a marriage made in pop heaven. the freaky dancer and the man in the trench coat [you had to be there] seemed very pleased.

jeff apter