where did the name 'open sesame' for the new album come from ?
dean said 'open', abby said 'sesame' and they both said 'snap'.

why has it taken so long to release the new album ?
it usually takes the group about 3 years to make a record except this time a lot more people were waiting. also they had personal things to work out.

is your music available overseas ?
unfortunately, not really, though it has been released in the united kingdom,
new zealand, japan, singapore and a few other asian countries. you can buy some leonardo's bride records on-line at: www.whammo.com or www.sanity.com.au

where did you get your group name from ?
leonardo's bride is a song from the debut e.p. the lyrics are in the lyric page

how long have you been together ?
leonardo's bride played their first show in 1992. abby and dean had been playing together for a few years before that.

how many people are in the group ?
there are four leonardo's - abby dobson, dean manning, patrick hyndes & jon howell

do you have the guitar tabs for 'even when i'm sleeping'
the guitar tabs for 'even when i'm sleeping' are on the guitar tabs page.

who is lewis carroll ?
lewis carroll was an author. he wrote 'alice in wonderland'.

who is lenny bruce ?
lenny bruce was an american comedian.

where did the name 'angel blood' come from ?
'angel blood' is the norwegian slang for liquid paper.

did you have any formal music education ?
pat and howler went to the conservatorium of music in sydney. abby and dean play by ear.

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