DRUM MEDIA - 18.10.94
temperamental friends review 

the 'spooky' front cover artwork reminds me of a mutant pac-man, a sort of video ghoul. considering the nature of this 5 track ep, it all makes sense, really. a temperamental friend can turn from embraced to enraged, the way a pac-man can turn on the ghosts that have been chasing it and devour them in a speeded up frenzy [enough of this ridiculous metaphor].

leonardo's bride are a five piece based in sydney that drive a fairly quirky acoustic highway and manage to pick up some strange hitchhikers on the way. from question to faith, the 'bride rides a carousel of emotions.

vocalist abby dobson sings with an endearing edge that cuts the misted images she builds with her breathy voice. her view of the world is an honest is an honest and introspective search among the debris that lies at the foot of the bed, whether it be hers, her lovers, or her temperamental friend's. dean manning's guitar sways from folkish strum to soft grit and is a subtle landscape which never overpowers the lyrical focus. with johnny gauci on keys, alex hewetison on bass and david sanders on drums, the arrangements are given a gentle yet abrasive depth that complements the mood of the song writing.

there is something very australian about leonardo's bride, but it's a little elusive ... more nolan than da vinci.

james mayson