REVOLVER - may 22, 2000 
live review 

everything is always so perfect for a leonardo's bride gig; these kids are so full of professionalism and creativity. their new sounds are so well thought out and their songs dripped with colour the dean's paint box of guitars and understated effects. in true form, pat's bass lines swelled ever so melodically and he stole my heart and soul as he sang word for word harmony in 'the problematic art of conversation' with abby. jon's use of copperish percussion in 'everybody wants to take you home' and his triggering kooky samples throughout the set tickled the audience and there were glimpses of his colourful wonderful wickedness in pockets of intros before the straighter beat kicked in. guest cellist claire did warm woolly things with strings and horsey hair on half the set.

tonight they played a mixture of old and new and although the crowd was quiet and attentive they still clapped more for the radio tunes, annoyingly enough, cos cut my legs off and call me ... um ... something with no legs
... if they don't have some killer new songs. 'dreamship' conveyed a tenderness: 'who's to know, which way it will go ?' with abby seemingly injecting her whole life force, and she's only little, in this and every song.
her vocals croon, float, gristle, belt and i swoon as she effortlessly plays with syncopation and phrasing, melody, and the beating hearts of the audience.

a four song encore saw david lane and peter fenton reappearing for a joint effort on david' 'lucky joe' and finally abby left me with salty eyes after the moving 'blue gone green'. it's been a long time coming but tonight's display of rainbow growth tells me leonardo's new album will be something very very special. catch them if you can.

meena leon