open sesame review 

thanks to a curious support billing on the tom jones tour, abby dobson sang to more people last month than in the 2 years since 'even when i'm sleeping' made a deserved impression on the australian charts. her voice - sultry, mournful, with a hint of vulnerability - tamed a restless ent cent crowd waiting for the cabaret turn to come on. whether leonardo's bride get to such lofty headline status is another matter. little here suggests imminent megastardom, although that's not a put-down.
although the lastest single 'sonic' has some merit, it's guitar pop bluster is decidely uncharacteristic. dobson and guitarist dean manning's stock-in-trade is melancholy in varying degrees and they do it achingly well. there's no 'even when i'm sleeping' here, although 'oh yeh' and 'begging bowl' share that spirit. the quieter moments, such as 'blue gone green' and 'i'll believe you'
have a more lasting impression.

iain shedden